Motor Vehicle Insurance at Trade Union

Your car is important to us in the same way it is important to you. At Trade Union we can offer you peace of mind protecting you, your car and others in the event of damage or physical injury.

It is a legal requirement in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to insure you vehicle; Trade Union's auto insurance policies are specially designed to comply with - and exceed - these legal requirements.

Whether insuring a corporate fleet or just the family car, call us. We can tailor our policies to meet your specific needs.

Comprehensive Motor Insurance
Comprehensive motor insurance includes third-party liability coverage but adds additional protection against loss or damage to your own vehicle in case of:

• Collision
• Fire
• External explosion
• Self-ignition
• Lightning
• Burglary or theft
• Malicious acts of third parties
• While in transit by road, rain, inland waterway or lift/elevators etc.
Trade Union further extends comprehensive coverage to include towing and medical assistance.